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Course Information

1 Day

$750 per student.  Contact us to ask about group rates!

System administrators or power users.

Basic knowledge of SSH fundamentals (logging in, copying files).  Familiarity with Unix/Linux strongly recommended.



Laptop Required

Each student must provide a Windows 2000 or XP Professional Laptop with VMWare 5.0 (or higher) installed and configured.  A 1GHz PIII processor with at least 256MB RAM, 10GB free disk space and a CD ROM drive is strongly recommended.

Mastering OpenSSH

OpenSSH is known the world over for providing secure, reliable network access to tens of thousands of users every day.  This powerful Open Source software offers much to reward the knowledgeable user.  Sadly, many of the most useful features go unused, because few people know about them.

That is about to change.

Vorant Network Security is proud to offer the most advanced OpenSSH training available anywhere.  Mastering OpenSSH starts where most other training ends. Example-based lectures, reinforced with hands-on laboratory work, will turn novice or intermediate users into SSH experts, ready to apply the full power of OpenSSH to solving their individual or organizational network security needs.

Course Syllabus